Our Chocolate Flavors


Caramel - dark or milk chocolate, buttery liquid caramel filling.

Dark Chocolate Truffle - Dark chocolate shell, silky dark chocolate ganache.

Coffee - Dark chocolate shell, silkyespresso ganache.

Amaretto - White chocolate shell, creamy white chocolate Amaretto ganache filling.

Milk Chocolate Truffle - Milk chocolate shell, silky vanilla milk chocolate ganache.

Mendiant - Dark or Milk chocolate, Dried cranberry, Candied orange, Hazelnuts.

Raspberry - Dark chocolate shell,  Dark & Milk chocolate Raspberry ganache

Passionfruit - Silky milk chocolate passion fruit ganache enrobed in milk chocolate.

Coconut - Creamy white chocolate coconut ganache enrobed in dark chocolate.

Hazelnut Crispy - Milk chocolate hazelnut praline enrobed with milk chocolate.


Ganache /ge-naSH/ 

 Chocolate, cream, butter and flavoring melted together and emulsified into silky yummy goodness!